• mollyhodgen

Hot Garlic Prawns with Polenta & Kale

I am conscious that my online presence can make it seem as though I don't eat fish and meat. Admittedly, I don't often eat meat (probably less than 5 times a year) however I do regularly eat fish and seafood. I guess I am just not as skilled as getting recipes and photos of these meals!

There's a lot of talk about veganism at the moment and I do really enjoy a plant-based diet the majority of the time, however I also believe that fish and meat can be part of a healthy balanced diet (with many benefits too). There are pros and cons to each way of eating and really the 'best' way will never be universally defined as we are all biochemically unique. In my opinion, the most important factors are...

1). Making sure that, however you eat, it is nutritionally balanced

2). Making sure that it tastes good (a way of eating that is not enjoyable is also highly unlikely to be sustainable, however 'healthy' you may perceive it to be)

Back to the recipe... this may feel a little fancy but it is actually very easy. Ticks all the boxes too with protein, carbohydrate, fat, a portion of greens (always a bonus) and some prebiotic fibres in there too (thumbs up for garlic).

Serves 3


45 minutes to prep and cook


2 tbsp olive oil

150g kale, woody stalks removed and chopped into small pieces

150g raw prawns (shell on or off, I used on)

150g polenta

600ml boiling water

50g parmesan, grated

Knob of butter (optional)

Squeeze of lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, finely sliced

1 tsp chilli flakes



1. Heat 1 tbsp of the oil in a large saucepan or wok (I use a wok for large quantities of veg). Stir fry the kale with some seasoning for approximately 5 minutes until cooked, the colour will brighten when done. Remove from the pan and set aside.

2. Heat the remaining oil in the same pan and fry the garlic with the chilli flakes for 1-2 minutes until cooked but not browned. Add the prawns along with a squeeze of lemon and knob of butter (or a little more oil if you prefer). Cook for 4-5 minutes until all of the prawns have turned pink, if using shelled prawns these will cook more quickly.

3. Return the kale to the pan and mix well whilst heating through. Season to taste and add another squeeze of lemon if desired. Cover the pan whilst cooking the polenta and/or keep in a low temperature oven.

4. Add the boiling water to a separate pan. Slowly add the polenta, whisking as you go until the desired consistency is reached (thick but not solid). This will take 3-4 minutes. Once cooked, add the parmesan along with some black pepper and stir well to combine (salt is not needed as the cheese seasons). Spoon the polenta into bowls and top with the prawn/kale mixture.

Hot Garlic Prawns with Polenta & Kale