• mollyhodgen

Kale & Walnut Pesto with Puy Lentils and Potato

I am a big advocate of making tasty dips/sauces to have in the freezer or to keep in the fridge for the week. This is such an easy way to make a salad or plate of veggies taste better and as much as I love houmous, it is nice to sometimes have something a bit different.

I had this pesto sauce with potato and lentils however it would be equally good with roasted veggies and fish, stirred through pasta, or drizzled on eggs for breakfast.

Serves 4

Approximately 45 minutes to prepare and cook

Vegetarian friendly (vegan if honey swapped for maple syrup)

Dairy free pesto with kale and walnuts

For the pesto:

200g kale, chopped

50g walnuts

Juice of half a lemon

150ml olive oil

50ml water

10ml soy sauce or tamari

1/2 tsp honey

1 garlic clove

For the rest:

150g puy lentils

400g potato, cut into chunks


1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil. Add the lentils and cook for 10 minutes. Add the potatoes and cook for a further 15 minutes or until both the potatoes and lentils are soft. In the final 3 minutes of cooking add 100g of the chopped kale to the pan and steam lightly. Drain everything and place in a large mixing bowl.

2. Meanwhile, combine the remaining 100g of kale in a food processor along with all the other pesto ingredients. Pulse until smooth and season to taste.

3. Mix half the pesto with the potato and lentil mixture. Serve the remaining pesto dobbed on top.

Walnut and Kale Pesto with Puy Lentils and Potato